The Portsmouth Yardstick

A scheme operated jointly by the RYA and its affiliated clubs

What is the Portsmouth Yardstick?

The Portsmouth Yardstick System aims to handicap boats based on their relative performance to the other boats they race. Handicaps are allocated and administered by clubs and are influenced by local factors such as boat type, wind trends and water type. As well as enabling the club to evaluate crew skill factor.

Aims of the scheme

  • To give all clubs the tools to run the fairest handicap racing possible at club, open and national level events. 
  • To handicap any boat without the need for measurement 
  • To be easily administered by club members 
  • To keep a working relationship between clubs and the RYA

How to register?

Once you have registered your club details, you will be contacted by the RYA with your Club ID which will form your login.

Please note this may take a couple of days and if you experience a prolonged delay, please email

wide shot of multiclass sailing fleet with sails fully blown
wide shot of a multiclass sailing fleet
mid shot of sailors during a multiclass dinghy racing